CCAMPIS Grant Program

The CCAMPIS Grant Program is accepting applications for our waitlist and will be notifying applicants as spots become available

Please review our resource page for additional childcare/financial needs:

The CCAMPIS Grant Program (Child Care Access Means Parents In School) is authorized by the Higher Education Act and administered by the U.S. Department of Education. CCAMPIS aims to increase access to post-secondary education for low-income parenting students by providing quality, affordable and accessible childcare services while they further their education.

Tier System:

1. Single Undergraduate SwDs

2. Single Graduate SwDs

3. Undergraduate Married SwDs

4. Married Graduate SwDs

*All applicants must be Pell Eligible & currently enrolled at UCLA


To qualify for the CCAMPIS Program:

  • At least one parent is a UCLA student enrolled in courses

  • An enrolled UCLA student must be receiving a PELL Grant or whose income meets a low-income threshold for the award year for which the determination is made.

  • Graduate/Professional students at UCLA may be eligible to receive CCAMPIS assistance pending verification of eligibility.

  • Program open to U.S. citizens and eligible temporary U.S. residents

  • Program only supports legal dependents of UCLA student applicant

Participant Acknowledgements & Expectations

  • I understand that the goal of the CCAMPIS program is to assist me with child care expenses so that I can succeed in completing credits towards my degree program.
  • I understand that I will need to meet with the CCAMPIS Grant Director for one hour to share my child care needs and status. This meeting will be virtual or by phone.
  • I understand I must maintain satisfactory academic progress while participating in the CCAMPIS Grant and receiving financial assistance for child care.
  • understand that I will be required to complete regular program surveys as this is essential to ongoing funding of the CCAMPIS Grant.
  • I understand that I must complete the annual confidential survey in order to participate in this grant-funded project.
  • I understand that in order to receive financial assistance from the program my child(ren) must be attending a licensed child care facility.
  • I understand and give permission for the CCAMPIS Grant Director and personnel to access my personal financial information through the USDA Confidential income statement as well as my academic information through UCLA.
  • I understand that aggregate information but no personal information will be shared with the U.S. Department of Education who funds this program.
  • I understand that I must provide a written report to the CCAMPIS Grant Director of any changes in the information provided on this application within 10 calendar days of the change. Failure to report such changes could result in a forfeiture of grant funds.
  • I authorize UCLA Financial Aid and Scholarships to release my financial aid application (FAFSA or California DREAM Act Application) information to CCAMPIS Personnel for the purpose of determining eligibility for CCAMPIS Grant assistance.
  • I understand that my University ID Number will be used to connect my application information with student records data to facilitate grant reporting requirements.

More Information & Resources

  • Subsidized care for children at an existing UCLA child care program by covering the cost of fees for targeted student parents in the UCLA child care centers
  • Subsidized care at day camps and/or after-school youth programs through a partnership with UCLA Recreation
  • Payment for licensed child care of parent’s choice if they would be better served closer to their home
  • CCAMPIS will provide points of contact to help program participants to leverage:
    • Public benefits
    • Community resources
    • Campus mental health services
    • Campus faculty mentoring and tutoring
    • Assistance in accessing additional financial aid
    • Assistance in accessing emergency resources through UCLA Economic Crisis Response Team


Before applying, please be ready to provide your preferred childcare center's address and contact information. Not providing this information will likely prolong the application process.

Apply for the CCAMPIS Grant to help fund your childcare costs.
*Disclaimer: UCLA low-income and single-parent students receive grant enrollment priority.

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Participating Sites

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Students With Dependents Childcare Checklist & Resources

1. Apply to UCLA Affiliated Childcare Education Program
2. Apply/Look into a Day Care Facility or Afterschool Program of your choice
3. Check out UCLA's Little Bruins Clubhouse and Recreation Camps
4. Apply to the CCAMPIS Grant Program to fund your preferred childcare facility/program
5. Schedule an appointment with us for more information!

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